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I’ve got a wishy-washy opinion of a few things in my life, because there are times when they appeal to me more than others.  Take ice cream, for example:  it’s a great, refreshing treat on sticky summer days, but it’s about the last thing I want in January, when we get pummelled with Wisconsin blizzard weather.  It’s just a “love-it, love-it-not” kind of relationship, and it’s that way with me and certain foods, beverages….and technology.

This weekend, I was up to my neck in the “love-it” side of my laptop, checking emails, proofing a friend’s resume, finding recipe ideas for supper, downloading songs to my MP3 for next weekend’s 10K run, uploading pictures to share with my friends, catching up on global colleagues’ tweets, cleaning up my Delicious account, and creating a Sqworl account for an upcoming summer academy class on teacher resources…you get the idea…

…and a message came on my screen, saying my computer detected malicious this-and-thats, and I’d need to get it checked out, or risk doing major damage to my machine.

Now I pride myself in finding great resources for myself and my colleagues online, but when it comes to this kind of message, I don’t try fixing it on my own.  Don’t even know where to begin, short of handing it to our tech directors at school with a pleading look of “Help!” in my eyes.   So much for feeling like I know anything about these mysterious machines…

So much for the “love-it” feeling!  😦  I know this is one of the main reasons why some people are hesitant to dive into technology’s benefits, because they fear its “dark side,” and it compromises their comfort levels.

Ah, but there’s a bright side to it all, I’m sure…

  • We still have 3 days of school, and I was thinking I should get my laptop reimaged, anyhow…seemed to be running slower than usual, lately, anyway.
  • I didn’t lose any favorites, because everything I find worth saving goes on my delicious account.  (Lesson learned on THAT several years ago!)
  • I have great faith in our tech wizards’ magic touch on technology.
  • …And my husband’s computer is working just fine…

Here I go, back to the “love-it” side of technology again…until the next bump in the road.  🙂

Enjoy the day! 😀


Comments on: "For the Love (or Agony) of Laptops and Technology" (1)

  1. I totally agree! Technology is so fun and exciting. For the past couple of years, I have asked jessica brogley 1000s of questions and have felt really stupid in the process. Now, when teachers email me their questions, I understand how they feel. I am NOT an expert…but I love to play and continually learn.

    I’m so glad we were able to go to EdCampChicago. I still feel inspired.

    Keep up your great posts….keep sharing them on twitter too 🙂


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