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Baby Steps

No matter how much experience I have with technology, the newest stuff still tends to freeze me up a bit at first.  Take my first un-conference, for example–yesterday at EdcampChicago–I arrived early, and began my morning by entering the wrong part of the high school!  A colleague (and shirt-tail relative) of mine had made the journey with me, and I was so grateful for that!  Didn’t help us from walking into the wrong Saturday program, though!  So, we asked to be pointed in the right direction, and then made our second entrance into the unknown for the day.

My first impression?  Well, I saw a number of people, nearly everyone with some mobile device or laptop in hand, busily working (on WHAT?), and mostly operating on their own.  I told my Cece, my conference buddy, that I’d watch our stuff while she helped some people bring in the breakfast items, happily thinking of this free food as the first really cool surprise this event had to offer.  Oh, and it was, by the way–as was our incredible lunch!

Of course, once the food (and coffee!) arrived, then things started gaining momentum.  By the end of that whirlwind experience on Saturday afternoon, I felt I had indulged both my mental and physical selves, as well as uplifted my spirits with all of the positive, pro-education karma that ran rampant in that building.

On the way home, Cece and I shared bits and pieces from the sessions we’d separately attended.  We were both in awe of the integrity and approachability of the great folks who presented, as well as the instant camaraderie we felt with the entire group in attendance. Then, near the end of our return trip home, Cece suggested something foreign to me, and I felt my calm, collected self freezing up again…

“You know, Joan, you should start a blog…”

My initial response was something to the tune of “I don’t have time to do that!”  I’m not positive I said that out loud at the moment, but that’s definitely what I was hearing–loud and clear–in my head.  I had already joked with Cece that a friend of mine has volunteered to be my coach in a fictitious “12 Steps to Say No” program.  I have an extreme habit of over-multi-tasking, (which is easily identified by my need to extend words like ‘multi-tasking’ in the first place), and those who work closely with me have all good intentions of keeping me from overextending myself.  So I said no, and put it out of my head.

Until today.

So here it is, my very first post on my very own blog.  I gave it some thought (a whole mornings’ worth), and decided that this would be an experiment in sharing what I know about education, as well as life outside the school building, in the hopes that those with similar passions and hobbies will find this a place to learn from me, to teach me, and to pass it on.  That was the underlying premise of the un-conference, I believe, and I feel inspired to, well, pass it on.  Enjoy the day!


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